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Anxiety Blanket Records

Spencer Hoffman "Rose Fly" Pre-Order

Spencer Hoffman "Rose Fly" Pre-Order

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Los Angeles based artist Spencer Hoffman is releasing a new 4 song EP entitled “Roses Fly” on May 3rd via Anxiety Blanket Records. 

The new release started as a loose collection of demos written and recorded amidst a breakup between Hoffman and his longtime partner. From the distorted, sped down vocals on “Goat’s Head” to the brutal honesty of “Hummingbird”, the songs explore a sense of longing for what isn’t, and taking stock of what is, from within the tumult of change and loss. The EP began in Hoffman’s apartment studio, and was finished by collaborator Nik Frietas at his home studio, often giving the veteran producer complete license to rework the original material.

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