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Since moving to Los Angeles in 2008, Jon Patrick Titterington has worn many hats. Most know him as the piano player in Father John Misty, but his other musical interests have led to composition work for FX’s “The Bear,” years as a session player for hire, and many collaborations in the folk rock scenes of Hollywood and New York City. All of these experiences inform his debut solo album, See You at the Finish Line, an excursion into heartbreak, morbidity, satire, and social anxiety set to the sound of nervous, hooky pop rock. “A relationship ending – sometimes that makes you relive all these awkward or difficult experiences from your life” Titterington recalls. “While making the record I was doing this speedrun through my adolescence, all the way up to the last bad breakup.” Ruminating on his past, the singer and multi-instrumentalist grapples with embarrassment and gloom, injecting humor into a 70’s troubadour sound.

In 2015, Titterington was detained for 100 days in Indonesia while on tour. The resulting “Call to Prayer” was the first song written for See You at the Finish Line, a Randy Newman-esque ballad about the mental toll of being held indefinitely in a foreign country. Claustrophobia is a recurring theme throughout the LP. Bouncy, psych-pop missive “Green Room” is an ode to Stockholm syndrome and college open mic nights. Other cuts include “Jon Party,” a dance jam about being trapped amid half-assed debauchery in the Hollywood Hills, and the title track, where the narrator chronicles a failed relationship over relentless fuzz bass. Despite the subject matter, See You at the Finish Line is peppered with enough jokes to keep things light. Occasionally grim, often silly, Titterington has wrestled his fears and obsessions into a lush, tight debut.

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