Collection: Kisskadee

Kisskadee is the maximalist project of Kasie Shahbaz- an expression of radical vulnerability both musically and emotionally where nothing is held back. Shahbaz was getting her Master’s in Social Work while creating this project, preparing to be a therapist, and it shows- the lyrics are a personal trauma inventory, and the orchestral arrangements are a breaking away from the singer-songwriting structure she felt was expected of her as a woman in music. It’s a project about love, healing, and justice. 

The album “Black Hole Era” is a narrative of life through the eyes of the universe but also the individual. With images of flowers, blood, children playing, and people dying, it lyrically seeks to embrace all of life. Synths and strings mix together to create an organic and electric whirl of sound. It’s meant to sonically embrace the birth and deterioration of the universe. It’s about people and stars, dying and being reborn. It’s about finding beauty in the expansion of life until it collapses back onto itself. It’s big, but it’s small, and it’s serious, but it’s a total joke. It’s about loving and letting go.