Collection: Flower Festival

Flower Festival’s latest album ‘Age’ offers up an invitation to tilt your ears between jittery analog texture and elegantly fluid drumbeats. But it’s the inward-looking songwriting that makes the best case for Flower Festival’s relatability from his professions of self-hatred to an overall detachment from common culture.

Having created an album in a way that both embraced and let go of significant restraints, a reconciliation derived from Flower Festival’s examination of his artistic ego. “Spending almost 10 years on an album is a long time, but as a musician I know I’m in no way prolific... and I’m making art that provides closure for the young artist I was. I had to go back to the places where hurt happened- like examining the darkest parts of marriage, losing close friends, the stuff you have to endcap to process.” Thankfully, Flower Festival’s way of creating art lent itself to a freedom found only when the external and internal pressures of making music “the right way” have all but gone- and from it came an album that was worth waiting for.