Collection: Worthitpurchase

Omar Akrouche and Nicole Rowe collided on SoundCloud in 2015 and have been finishing each other’s songs ever since. After several DIY releases, the duo coined Worthitpurchase in San Francisco and self-released their 2020 debut Dizzy Age. FADER described the record as "Mazzy Star for Gen Z, a machine of modern wallflower anthems that's gently colossal in its detailing and passion.” 2022 marked the addition of Eric Van Thyne to the group, the relocation of Akrouche to Los Angeles and the release of their sophomore LP Truthtelling via Anxiety Blanket Records + Citrus City.

Though currently atomized across California, 2023 has seen Worthitpurchase materializing in any and every iteration possible, dissolving the standard band model and committing to the ethos of an experimental recording project. Performances and recording are subject to the observer effect; occurring as they will, often in two places at once, with whoever's around, or not. Your experience will vary.

The trio’s candid, hand-collaged songs imprint the warmest sensibilities of ‘90s guitar music directly onto outdated 12-bit floppy disks. Whether you describe it as "cyberfolk" or "kmart realism", there's an unlikely bond that forms when digital drum samplers and fingerpicked acoustic guitars discard their purpose in spaces unremembered. Unending interpersonal moments join together, creating an experience that feels like eavesdropping on lifelong friends.

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